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Goldstone is a man-made material that's sometimes called aventurine glass. The name is not used quite as often because it implies an association with aventurine quartz when in fact the two have little in common. Goldstone is considered to be an imitation of aventurine feldspar which is sunstone.

Brown goldstone, with its copper content, is believed to carry many of the metaphysical properties of that metal. It is thought to generate and revitalize energy fields, transmit positivity and divert malevolent energy into the earth.

Brown Goldstone is linked to the Root Chakra and the Sagittarius constellation.

Due to its reflective gaze, Goldstone is also a protector stone. Any stone which possesses a reflective sheen on its surface is perfect for repelling unwanted energies. One can wear the Goldstone as a part of your outfit or place it around your house for the energies to be dispelled.


Brown Goldstone

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