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Orange Calcite brings feelings of positivity and stability. It helps us to balance out extreme emotions and encourages us to be more self-confident and self-sufficient. Orange Calcite brings a gentle courage which allows us to better trust ourselves to do what is necessary for our own health and happiness.

Due to its connection to Calcium, Orange Calcite has also been associated with good health. As an orange gemstone, it's a symbol of self-confidence and personal power. As a solar gemstone, it enhances creativity. As a result, Orange Calcite is also a symbol of artistic expression.

Whether it's a lighter or darker orange, Orange Calcite is a stone that connects to the element of fire. As a result, Orange Calcite works well for the fire signs of the zodiac: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. As part of the orange crystals team, Orange Calcite features the positive energy of the Sun.

Orange Calcite is best known as the stone of creativity. It is strongly connected to the lower chakras, especially the Sacral chakra, which is the seat of joy, creativity, and pleasure.

Calcite -Orange

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