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Carnelian is frequently used in crystal therapy to help calm the emotions, especially those of anger and frustration. Carnelian is also used to help heal the heart chakra. Carnelian is a very strong stone for the Sacral Chakra, and is used to enhance passion in relationships.

Ancient peoples all over the world favored the warm, reddish gem known as carnelian. This material was easy to cut into jewelry stones as well as carve into seals and talismans. Carnelian symbolism and lore came to encompass health, luck, and royalty.

Aries: CarnelianAs the first sign of the zodiac, you are a born leader. You're always starting new projects, thinking ahead, and initiating positive change. Carnelian mirrors your traits as a confident and headstrong fire sign.

Carnelian healing properties:

  • It sparks energy.
  • It inspires confidence and empowerment.
  • It inspires creativity.
  • It supports sexual energy.
  • It offers protection.
  • Keep it in your workspace.
  • Incorporate it into self-care rituals.
  • Use it to amplify sexual energy.


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