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Premium Quality hand-harvested and hand-tied white sage bundles/ smudge sticks of Dragon Blood Sage, also known as Red Sage. It is a powerful smudge stick comprised of fresh white sage hand coated with pure dragons blood resin and sun dried. White Sage will cleanse your space; Dragons Blood Sage will cleanse, heal and protect you and the energy in your space. "Dragon’s blood” is obtained from the Calamus Draco palm or various varieties of the Dracaena plant. This red resin has been used since ancient times as a dye, medicine and incense. It is believed that adding Dragon’s Blood to any other herb enhances its effect. Traditionally used in rituals of cleansing bad energy, used when room introduces a unique atmosphere of peace. -Promote deep mental and physical relaxation.-Restoration of balance and spiritual purification.-Cleanse and purify environments by providing protective energies. Dragon’s Blood Sage can be used in ritual magic for protection, banishing, and healing. It is also commonly believed that adding dragon’s blood to most other blends of herbs will increase their potency! Dragon’s blood is strongly associated with fire, which means that in elemental rituals, it can be very powerful. Dragon’s Blood Sage can be used used to smudge your space and your crystals to keep your space clear of negativity

Dragon Blood (Red Sage) White Sage Bundles 4 inches

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