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Larvikite (also know as Black Moonstone) originates from the Larvik Fjord region in Norway. This beautiful dark stone shimmers with small but enchanting silver-blue flashes. Larvikite is a protective stone that inspires patience, compassion and enhances our psychic abilities.

Larvikite is a stone that evokes inner strength by stimulating creativity, wisdom, and security in one's intellect. Commonly used in meditation to produce inner visions, Larvikite is known to enhance psychic abilities, helping us see ourselves through our Higher Self and promote clarity to past-life recall visions.

Larvikite is a wise and protective stone. It cancels out dark magic and hexes, and repels all forms of negative energy. It cleanses our spiritual bodies of old energy that no longer serves us, including painful karma from past lives.

It can be used to treat skin disorders and enhances vitality and youthfulness. Larvikite aids in the recovery of strokes and helps brain function. It cleanses and purifies body tissue, harmonises the metabolism and helps with muscular detoxification. Larvikite calms the nerves and will cool and reduce blood pressure.

Larvikite is an Aquarius when it comes to zodiac with the element of water. Aquarius is the eleventh member of the zodiac and is known as the water bearer. That's why it was contemplated with the element of water.

Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone that protects the wearer and dispels negative energy. This stone is associated with the Root Chakra and helps ground one's strength, reconnect to the Earth's power, and attuning to nature's spirits.

Larvikite (Black Moonstone)

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