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Mookaite is a nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress. It brings peace and a feeling of wholeness. Mookaite helps us with decision making, especially when we are having a difficult time. It encourages versatility and helps us to accept change.

Mookaite Jasper is an ideal stone to work with to heal intergenerational trauma. It helps us understand patterns, both emotionally and behavioral, that have been passed down through ancestry and lineage, and enables us to break free from the familial story

Mookaite operates at the Qi level to strengthen the production of blood and invigorates circulation. It's been said often that Mookaite encourages self-awareness and honesty with oneself.

Yellow Mookaite activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, the energy distribution center and the chakra of relationships. This chakra is located between the ribcage and navel, and controls the immune and digestive systems.

Restore strength and vitality with this Mookaite Jasper gemstone chip necklace for Aries. This zodiac necklace improves physical energy and awakens personal power, it activates an ageless spirit with natural instincts. Mookaite Jasper increases confidence and provides the energy to reach ones full potential.


Mookite Jasper

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